Car hire tour will visit Delhi Main Attractions

There are several car rental agencies operating in the city of Delhi. These companies offer a variety of specialists in leasing their vehicles to people who own a car, but out of range or not in service. Rent a car rental is also ideal for visiting the main attractions in each city and surrounding areas in a shorter time and budget. Car hire tour is suitable for places where some of the attractions are located close to each other in the area, such as the national capital Delhi. Tourists can visit all the main attractions in a very less time to rent a car.

Delhi capital of India and is of great importance in the history of the country. There are several important historical monuments, religious views, famous markets, foreign embassies and tourist attraction, for the most part. Tourism in the national capital can be divided into two stages, this Old and New Delhi. There are several car rental agencies offer a complete tour packages with reasonable price. Tourists can explore all the attractions, rent a car rental Delhi reliable.

Old Delhi is the capital of the Mughal rule in. He remains popular, as the heart of Delhi. This area has the shape of a quarter of a circle surrounded by walls and gates of fourteen. There are a few houses, mosques and gardens there is a fear in the region. Red Fort is the most famous historical monument in the center of the circular area. In the nearby of the Red Fort, Jama Masjid and Chandi Chowk market, other famous attractions in the region.

New Delhi, the capital of India today. There are several interesting places in town comes to visit. The most popular attractions of the national capital of India Gate, Rajghat, Parliament House, Akshardham Temple, Lotus Temple, Humayun Tomb, etc. Place Canught In addition to these places, a variety of new shopping centers being developed sophisticated, foreign embassies and Delhi Metro should also see the places of the city.

These are the main attractions of the city for tourists. You can visit these attractions for the holiday weekend with all of your rental car rental in Delhi Most professional car rental agencies offer a good quality of service throughout the journey. Except for their vehicles, car rental agencies in Delhi also offers one of the drivers and various other services, such as global positioning systems, entertainment systems, cell phones, etc. to make your trip comfortable and enjoy.

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