Choose St. Martin Villas for Perfect Holidays

Do you know how much luxury and beauty can fit on a tiny strip of land in the Caribbean? If that 87 square kilometer strip is none other than the gorgeous island of Saint Martin, with its perfect beaches, awesome gulfs and wonderful villas, then you can be sure there is enough beauty to go around for every single one of the tourists that come to visit. Why not be one of them this holiday season? Why not pamper yourself and ‘splurge’ on a luxury holiday? Don’t think of it as a rash investment, think of it as money well spent, toward rest and relaxation that you so plentifully deserve, at the end of a hard year’s work. Saint Martin will definitely not fail to meet your pampering expectations. Interestingly enough, this tourist haven also boasts the odd title of the world’s smallest sea island divided between two nations. Ever since 1648, the isle has been under both French and Dutch administration. The situation has continued up to this day and has produced a country that is as culturally rich as it is naturally beautiful. So, which, then, are its most luxurious villas?

Le Chateau des Palmiers
Its name ever so accurately describes it. Indeed, this nine bedroom property is a genuine castle, in the most classical sense of the word. It is situated on the Plum Baie Beach, in the Terres Basses area of the island. Its secluded, ultra-private location and interior décor make this the perfect French-style seaside retreat. The villa, which rents at rates upward of $6,000 per night, is perfect for you and your closest friends to sample the lifestyle of the rich and famous. Many have rightfully dubbed it one of the most luxurious St. Martin villas, with its over 18,500 square feet of living space. It features a private tennis court with a covered spectators’ pavilion as well as a fully equipped, state-of-the-art indoors fitness center. Just in case you’re not that much into sports, the seemingly endless azure blue infinity edge pool will allow you to simply relax at leisure.

Les Palmiers
This one-bedroom location features exquisitely decorated interiors in pastels, off-white, cream and vintage white, as well as a façade to die for, reminiscent both of understated French luxury, as well as of Colonial flair. Les Palmiers is one of the best villas in the Baie Rouge Beach area of the Terres Basses. It’s ideal for planning a honeymoon, or for any other type of romantic getaway. You will be stunned by the furnishings and decorative items in the living room and dining area. You will be delighted by the picture-perfect pool and you will be relieved to know that you are more than safe and sound here, thanks to the property’s security gate.

Caye Blanche
The Caye Blanche is one of those St. Martin villas that seem to beg for a large, noisy, party-loving group of friends to invade it. It’s an exquisitely elegant property, whose rental rates start at $1,145 per night (and end at $4,000), located against the lush backdrop of a forested tropical hillside in the Anse Marcel area of St. Martins. Close by, at a leisurely walk away, lies the Orient Beach, with its inviting sands, gently caressed by the breeze and the salty ocean water. All seven of the villa’s spacious bedrooms feature lavish views of the Caribbean. The interiors were designed with great attention to detail and a focus on balancing out the modern and the classical. Within half a mile of the location you will find the marina, great restaurants and awesome shopping opportunities.

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