Fiji Holidays

Fiji is a paradise in the Pacific composed of 322 islands. It is a place of abundant natural beauty, friendly people and enough activities and attractions to fill many Fiji holidays. It’s the perfect place for an eco-adventure, offering plenty of pristine nature to be explored.

Fiji has an abundance of waterfalls loved by travelers and photographers. One of the most popular is Matava Falls on Fiji’s Kadavu Island. There is a resort here that gets rave ratings from travelers, and the diving is excellent. Also on Kadavu Island is Waisalima Beach, famed for its birdwatching and the general abundance of its fauna.

Fiji is the location of the Southern Hemisphere’s largest Hindu temple, Sri Siva-Subramaniya in Nadi. The temple complex is composed of three buildings, one of which contains the famous statue of Murugan. The meticulously detailed sculpture in this temple is a must-see for travelers and a stop here is included in many Fiji holidays.

In Suva can be found the Fiji Museum housing an impressive collection of artifacts from all periods of Fiji’s history. There is a gallery displaying the ancient Vitian culture which predated the arrival of Europeans followed by a gallery highlighting Fiji’s history as a British colony and other areas showcasing native culture and crafts.

Also in Suva is the Orchid Island Fijian Cultural Centre. This wonderful place features some of the wildlife and native culture of Fiji. It has a reconstructed temple from the days of human sacrifice and a small but fascinating museum, and offers a slightly unusual experience revealing much about the vibrant history of the nation.

Suva is the location of the South Pacific’s biggest market offering an amazing variety of local produce. This is directly across from the Suva Flea Market, a great place to get souvenirs. Fiji holidays should always include a stop here.

Of course, there is also the diving. The clear waters and extensive coral reefs in Fiji are world famous, and underwater attractions such as Bega Lagoon and the Great White Wall draw thousands of divers every year. The beaches of Fiji are loved by surfers. Kayaking is also popular and boating tours are a favorite pastime.

Golfers needn’t feel left out, for Fiji has more than a dozen golf courses offering great golfing in settings of amazing natural beauty.

Whether travelers are looking for history, natural scenery or just relaxation, Fiji has it all.

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