Habits we have to Learn before Traveling to Spain

If we have ever visited Spain, then we definitely know that Spain is having some unique characters and habits that sometimes can be surprise the tourists. Therefore, before we travel to Spain, it had better for us to learn some tips from people who have ever been there. These tips might be beneficial for us. First, we have to understand some protocols in the bathroom. Unlike in our country, which bathrooms are always completed with tissue, in Spain, we don’t always find tissue, so it had better for us to bring a pack of tissue in our bag. The funny thing is, when we are in the public restroom in except restaurant, hotels or mall public bathroom, there might be time limitation to use the bathroom. For about 1 minute after we enter the bathroom, the light could be turned off, so it had better for us to bring flashlight on our bag.

The second thing to remember is about siesta time. Not only in Spain, have we usually found this habit in Italy as well. Siesta time is a time to take a nap. Well, it sounds funny, but people over 21 years old and less than 60 years old will usually do this habit. As the result usually some stores are close during the afternoon. Usually bars, restaurants and some offices will be close for several hours, so it had better for us to plan our lunch based on the siesta time. Of course, this habit does not go for all services in all areas, but if we are visiting small cities, then we usually find this habit because it has become a tradition.

Third, when we are walking on the sidewalk, then there are times when we have to be cruel. It means when we have stood, then stick our feet on the ground because if we didn’t, then we will end up on the side of the street, only several meters from the cars. There are so many habits in Spain and some countries around it that can be quite surprising for us, so it had better for us to read a lot. If we have learned a lot, we can make Barcelona vacation rentals deal and enjoy the time all at once.

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