I Went to a Wild Party

I was just sitting in my office cubicle the other day when my buddy Ryan came over and invited me to a party. Of course I was happy to go, but I had no clue what sort of party he was talking about. It turned out to be some sort of bachelor party, but it did not seem as though there was anyone who was getting married. Apparently that was not a prerequisite in this case. They did need one of those big fancy limo bus in Toronto for this party. I have no clue who was paying for all this stuff, but they did not ask me to kick in and so I was pretty happy to ride along for free, although when we hit the clubs they did not offer to pay for what I drank or ate. That was not that big of a deal since there was plenty of free stuff on this bus and in the hotel room where we ended up.

In fact the party ended pretty abruptly about half past three in the morning. It was pretty obvious that we were making all sorts of noise and that eventually the police would show up. When they did there was this really drunk guy who felt like he was some sort of lawyer. He started yelling about his rights and acting like an idiot, eventually the police got tired of his nonsense and lit him up with a taser. I had never seen anyone who was hit with those long wires before. One of them hit him in the face, right below his nose, almost on his upper lip. That guy went down and shook around like a leaf on a tree. He must have wet his pants, although he may have just spilled his drink.

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