My Employees Deserved to Be Shown a Good Time

Before becoming a CEO myself, I worked for a lot of other bosses, who never quite caught on how important valuing your employees beyond seeing them as numbers. It wasn’t until I used SEO techniques for my business when it started to grow, I used imp source for my website to increase traffic on it/ And in some cases, some of those bosses even cared. So, I wanted to do differently for the people who work for me. I contacted Toronto Party Bus Services to see what they could lay out for me in terms of what they offer. I really wanted to treat my workers to a really nice dinner, but my concern was how to get everyone there together at the same time.

It was quite obvious to me that each of my employees has the ability to transport themselves to a restaurant. But I wanted everything so arrive on time so that things would go smoothly, and I also thought it would be nice to give them an extra bit of fun. I instructed everyone to show up at our work parking lot on Friday night. They could all leave their cars behind and hop on the bus that was there waiting for them. Then, onboard, they would find many bottles of champagne waiting for them. As long as no one gets drunk and falls down, there’s no reason we can’t all be adults and have a nice drink together. Not only that, but champagne is something that most would not buy on their own, so it was a nice little luxury.

I also decided on an upscale restaurant that is beyond the cost of what most of my employees would pay for. I pay everyone well and fairly, but still, most of my employees are frugal and don’t spend a lot of money on themselves. So, this was yet another nice luxury to reward them with. The food is five stars, and my employees are five start employees as well.

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