Throw a Chemo Party in Style

When we found out that my brother had his last date of chemo scheduled, I wanted to throw him a little party. I could not plan anything that was late at night or during off hours because he was dealing with chemo on a day to day basis and I did not know how he would feel on a certain day or time. I called a party bus in Toronto to see if I could hire them to take him to his last chemo visit and then take him home, with a possible stop at a restaurant in between, if he was feeling up to it. I told him I wanted to be with him on his last day of chemo and when he heard that, he was really happy. I have a very busy job and three kids that I have to take care of, along with a dog and a house and if I could get time alone to do the dishes it was a miracle. He told me it meant a lot to him that I was taking time out of my schedule to be with him.

What he didn’t know is that my parents and sister also were planning on coming. When we showed up at his apartment door and walked him downstairs to the limo, he started to cry when he saw the rest of our immediate family and realized that we were making a huge party of it. I told the nurses at the chemo center that we were going to have a party; they decorated a private room for us to all sit and relax while he was getting his final chemo. I am glad that I was able to give this to him as he has been able to beat the cancer he was diagnosed with last year.

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